Hello everyone and welcome to a new season.

After a successful couple of years tidying up administrative functions the club has decided to look at acquiring our own all weather surface at Platt Lane.

To get the help of the FA and our local partners the club needs to embark on a fundraising campaign similar to the one that enabled us to build the clubhouse to show we are a community and a cohesive group. 

Can it be done? 

Last time the answer was yes. 

This time with a new committee, new and older members and new ideas coupled with some tried and tested ones with your help I'm sure we can do it again

You will see some improvements in the club house. We've got faster free Wi-Fi, wider drinks range at the bar as well as different food being served on match days.

BT sports is on and our licensed opening hours have increased.

Saturday afternoons will be open so that the community can enjoy watching the football results come in in a sports bar atmosphere.

There will also be a small range of merchandising available to buy at pocket money prices to show yours and your families support for the club.

All this and more has been done to encourage you and the wider community to use Platt Lane. Every penny spent there goes to running the club and everything not used in doing so will now go into the PL3G fund to be run by Lucy Shears and Paula Goodband.

Some events will have a dual purpose raising funds for ourselves as well as other worthy causes. 

I hope you can support us help ourselves as well as others.