Manager            Graham Shears


FA Level 2 Qualified
Coerver Coaching Diploma 1 Qualified

My Coaching Environment

I try to create a fun and enjoyable playing environment for my players, which allows them to learn and express themselves as individuals and as a team. I want all the players I coach to feel comfortable and to be creative; and not to worry about making mistakes as it’s through the mistakes that we learn.

My Coaching Philosophy

“To develop skilled, confident, creative players who combine well in a team, but when required can perform; and are comfortable in a 1V1 situation”

To teach players the wider game such as plays, formations and tactics, you must first give the players the ability to perform the fundamental movements and mechanics of the game. This is achieved by focusing heavily on individual skill and technique called ball mastery. I focus on how to demonstrate skills using ball mastery and 1V1 play, with maximum detail on breaking down individual skills and high value on isolated individual work with high repetition. I use multidirectional, multigoal practices to encourage creativity and good decision making.


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